Billie Lustig is a blunt, dutch, storytelling mom/wife with a big mouth and an even bigger imagination.

She writes the dark shit with a happy ending, but when she’s not writing she likes to read (obviously), eat (she may or may not have a food addiction) and listen to country music (Sam Hunt for life). Favorite’s in the previously mentioned reading department are Meghan March, Penelope Sky, Kandi Steiner & K. Bromberg. She mostly runs around in jeans and a sweater, because well, they are fucking comfortable aren’t they?

When she’s not running around after her 4-year old rebel child or helping her husband with the administration of his company, she spends her time writing about alpha-holes and sassy badass heroines.

Being able to speak both English and Dutch at an early age made her read books in two languages with a big preference for English. She tried writing in both languages, but there is basically nothing sexy about describing human genitals in Dutch, so it was an easy choice.



Not every book is for every writer.

So I write whatever the fuck I want to write


Being the youngest Wolfe isn’t as fun as people think.
The expectation on my shoulders is a constant weight. A burden.

I have a different past from my brothers. One many don’t know anything about.

People don’t know the struggle.

The memories.

The hurt.

But I push it all away.

I simply try to forget it ever happened.

So far, I’ve done a great job of ignoring my past.

Sienna Brennan is part of my past. And once she comes barreling back, still as mad as the day I left, she’s making me remember it all.

But once I’m ready to face the pain, somebody starts to mess with us.

Somebody unknown.

Sienna is a huge part of my past, but now, I need to protect her to guarantee that she’s even a part of my future.

Release: April 26th 2022

** This is a Billie Lustig novel, not to be confused with a B. Lustig novel (contemporary romance) **

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