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Sitting on the bench, my eyes follow Logan wobbling around the ice while giggles come from his tiny chest. The two year old is holding his father’s hand while he’s trying to skate even though his leg’s don’t even have the coordination yet to make the movement. It’s freaking adorable and I can’t help witnessing it with a grin splitting my face.

In the past five minutes I’ve felt my chest expand, filling with love when I realized that’s something I want. To create my own family.

I feel the palm of a hand connect with my back and I look up into Johnny’s smug face.

“Congratulations, hockey boy,” he beams, using Rae’s nickname for me to taunt me. “I have to admit, when you left the Knights there was no chance in hell I’d believe you’d be able to get another Stanley Cup playing for someone else.”

He sits down next to me, rubbing his hands to warm them from the cold air in the rink. “But you fucking did it.”

“I guess the joke is on you, huh?” I chuckle, putting my gaze back to the ice.

“So it seems.” He follows my eyes. “Who’s the kid?”

“Hunter’s boy,” I reply at the same time Hunter sees Johnny on the bench and puts his hand up in greeting.

“Cute kid.”

“He’s is.”

We stay quiet for a moment, looking at father and son playing around the ice. Hunter throws Logan in the air, and Logan’s laughter echoes through the rink.

“I want this,” I confess, keeping a straight face.

“What? Your own rink?”

I roll my eyes at his stupid reply. “No, fucker. This. That.” I point at Hunter and Logan. When Rae and I first started dating I treated Johnny as her father figure, making sure he approved of me, of us, because I knew it was important to her. But after being part of this family for two years, Johnny and I developed a friendship. We hang out whenever he’s back in North Carolina, we throw barbecue’s for the family, watch football games together and I can even say he’s my biggest confidant and sounding board when it comes to my career. But nonetheless I feel like stepping on his toes if I decide to cross the line I want to cross without informing him first.

“A kid?” His eyes move to his dark blonde hairline as he pulls a disgusted face.

“Yeah,” I snicker, softly shaking my head, “don’t you?”

He twists his head back to the ice, then shrugs. “I don’t know. I guess I never had anyone that stirred that shit up inside of me.” he pauses. “But you do.”

I nod, a smile curling the corner of my mouth when Rae’s face flashes before my eyes. “Yeah, I do. And I want that.” I point my finger at them. “With Rae.”

His eyes find mind when I turn my head back towards him. “Why are you telling me, Jensen?”

“Are you cool with that?”

“You having a kid with my niece?” There is amusement etched in his voice.

“Nah, not just a kid. I want it all. I want to put a ring on her finger. I want her last name to become Jensen and then I want to plant a few babies inside of her until she doesn’t want any more of them.”

He grunts, though I can see the smile pulling on his cheek. “For fucks sake, Jensen. Too much information.”

We both let out a comfortable laugh. I’m lucky you know. I might have lost my parents two years ago, but I’ve gained an entire family. Every single one of Rae’s family members welcomed not just me, but my sibling too, with open arms, giving us a family home we didn’t even know we needed. Della is best buddies with Nana and Finn seems to have found a soft spot for Lily, because the man can’t say no to the little girl. Our holiday’s are completely filled with the family traditions of the Stafford-Lockheart family and I’ve never felt more at home. If I have ever felt at home before that, that is.

We tried to stay in touch with our parents, but after dad got elected governor there hasn’t been a lot of contact anymore other than a happy birthday every year. I guess we served their purpose. But I guess it’s true. When we slammed the door in their face, we cracked the window open and jumped out. Or something like that.

“Are you asking for my permission?” Johnny asks with a serious tone.

“No,” I huff, giving him an incredulous glare, “I’m gonna do it anyway. But I’d like your blessing. I know Rae would appreciate it,” I pause, “and to be honest, so would I.”

He holds my gaze with a straight face while I wait patiently. He calls a good bluff, I know that, because we’ve been playing poker together whenever he’s around, but still a nervous lump forms in the back of my throat when he keeps his mouth shut. Then finally, a lopsided grin appears. “I think my mother will kill me if I tell you no at this point. She loves you.”

“I know,” I say, pleased.

“But yeah.” The features on his face soften. “I couldn’t wish for a better man by her side, asshole.

He offers me his hand and I eagerly grab it as we smile at each other in agreement and even though I wasn’t going to let him stop me, I’m glad I got this out of the way.

“So when are you going to pop the question?” Johnny gives me a curious glance, then folds his hands together, putting his attention back to the ice.

“I’m not sure yet,” I respond. My head turns when I hear the sound of the door opening on the right side of the rink. Rae’s blonde hair appears and instantly a flutter goes through my stomach that seems to only be present when she’s in my eyesight. She smiles when she sees me, then starts walking our way with Charlotte following behind her. Her golden eyes shine bright, like they are my light in the darkness and my heart jumps when I imagine those eyes on one of our future children.

“Soon,” I add with a content smile. “Real soon.”



I hope you enjoyed reading Jensen & Rae’s story, but the next one I had my beta readers fighting over… Let me entice you with three words: age gap, banter & ferriswheel.

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Have fun reading Bodi!