Five years ago, Knox Ashford broke my heart.
Ripped it out, threw it to the ground, and stomped on it for good measure.

But now he’s returned. With the world’s worst marriage proposal.
Claiming to want me back.

My answer is something between go duck yourself and flipping him off, but he’s threatening to take our strip club if I don’t comply.

I can’t let him take everything me and my sister have built.
But if he wants me, he can get me in all my glory.

He should know though…. I will be the biggest pain in his ass…

**Lush Rebel is the first book in the Sister of Sin series, containing three interconnected standalones .**

They say the city of Boston is ruled by a handful of men. 

Really it’s just me.

I’m known to be ruthless. 

But with power comes competition.

I didn’t care until I walked into a bar, and found Kendall. 

Kendall Ryan made me smile. 

And I rarely smile. 

But my brothers don’t trust her.

They say she’ll be my downfall.

I was ready to open up my cunning heart.

But I guess nothing is as it seems. 

** Franklin is book #1 in the Boston Wolfes series, containing four interconnected standalone about the Wolfe Brothers **

‘Punch now, talk later.’

When I’m angry, there is only one language I speak.

The physical one. 

If you come after one of us Wolfes, I hope you run fast. 

I don’t care about collateral damage. 

Even if that means taking the girl I slept with to get to her brother.

But life decided to play a trick on me. 

To give me a part of me I didn’t know existed. 

Now it’s not just about me anymore.

** Connor is book #2 in the Boston Wolfes series, containing four interconnected standalone about the Wolfe Brothers **

Being the youngest Wolfe isn’t as fun as people think.
The expectation on my shoulders is a constant weight. A burden.

I have a different past from my brothers. One many don’t know anything about.

People don’t know the struggle.

The memories. The hurt.

But I push it all away.

I simply try to forget it ever happened.

So far, I’ve done a great job of ignoring my past.

Sienna Brennan is part of my past. And once she comes barreling back, still as mad as the day I left, she’s making me remember it all.

But once I’m ready to face the pain, somebody starts to mess with us.

Somebody unknown.

Sienna is a huge part of my past, but now, I need to protect her to guarantee that she’s even a part of my future.

** Reign is book #3 in the Boston Wolfes series, containing four interconnected standalones about the Wolfe Brothers **


Release 26th of April

I shouldn’t have slept with Callie Reyes, not when I was about to use her as currency.

I need her to tell me where her father is, but she is clouding my judgement.

Nothing clouds my judgement. 

Definitely not a Reyes.  

She’s like a flickering flame, mesmerizing me with her every move. 

But I refuse to get burned.

I wanted him. 

All he wanted was a bullet through my head. 

So I ran. 

Now he makes love to me in my dreams, and chases me in my nightmares.

I’m under no illusionhe will find me.

He will try to kill me.

But he has to catch me first.