He takes her as leverage. But she isn’t going to make it that easy.

Imagine waking up in a cell, abducted as leverage against your father. Now imagine your abductor being the one you slept with four days ago.

Kane Carrillo turned out to be the one night stand from hell. Literally. He’s callous. The bad guy. The one you’re warned about. I knew he was going to be trouble from the moment I met him. But I didn’t expect him to be my family’s biggest enemy.

Now I’m stuck in the Atlantic with the man that stirs up more feelings than just hate. He thinks he can control me, claiming he owns me. But I vowed to myself no one would have that kind of power over me again.

He is smart enough to toy with my dad. I’ll give him that. But I’m not a wallflower.
I bite back.

I can play his game. Easy. All I have to do is remember he’s the enemy in the first place.

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