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The tiny hairs on the nape of my neck rise, and a smile forms on my face. I can feel his presence standing behind me while I give Colin one last kiss before I tuck him in.

“Goodnight, sweet boy.”

We gave him his own room. It’s the one next to us that used to be Killian’s, but he agreed to take a room on the other side of the mansion, understanding I want Colin close. Colin decided he wanted a car bed, so naturally, Reign and Connor made him a room that looks like a racing car track, including a pit garage and everything. He was ecstatic.

In fact, he didn’t want to leave his room when he woke up the next day.

Turning around, I look at Connor’s smug grin as he leans against the doorpost with his arms folded in front of him.

“What?” I whisper, sensing that he’s up to something.

Reign keeps joking I ‘tamed’ the beast.

I’m not sure about that, but I have to admit that he hasn’t been as broody as he used to be. He smiles more, laughs more, and even cracks a joke now and then. At least he does with me.

Connor reaches out his hand. “Come.”

“Can I please get a shower first before you jump me like a horny teenager?”

He tilts his head, looking amused as he tugs me behind him. “Horny teenager? Really? I just want to show you something.”

He guides me down the stairs, my hand in his firm grip, then he leads me into the office. “Connor, we can’t have sex here. Franklin works in here.”

“I like the way you think, baby. But I wasn’t planning on fucking you here. Although, you’re giving me ideas.” He spins on the spot, his green eyes now filled with a lustful hunger. He charges me, pushing me against the door, and I let out a playful shriek.

“Connor,” I reprimand when his lips connect with my neck. My body instantly responds, and I lean my head against the door, giving him better access while a moan escapes me.

“You started it, babe,” he says, as he leaves a trail of kisses against my neck then locks the door. “But that’s not the reason why I brought you here.”

He takes a step back, and I pout at the lack of contact. He turns, walks over to the desk, and takes a seat.

He’s looking smoking hot, sitting behind that desk like a fucking boss, and I can’t help licking my lips at the sight.

“Stop ogling me,” he chuckles, reaching into one of the drawers. “Come here.”

He signals his hand to me, and I follow his request while shrugging my shoulders.

“Can’t help it, you look hot behind that desk,” I purr.

“Is that so?” He twists the chair so that his legs are facing me before he pulls me onto his laps and his mouth connects with the skin on my neck once more. I grunt at the extremely soft kisses he plants on the crook of my neck, feeling desire growing between my legs as his hands hold my ass tight against his body. “Connor.”

“Yeah, babe?” he mumbles before I feel his tongue joining the party.

“You’re teasing me.”

“I’d never.”

“I thought you wanted to show me something,” I pant, running a hand through his blond hair. My eyes close, and I give over to the sensation like the obsessed little slut that I am.

I can feel his fingers move in a scorching pace towards the inside of my thighs, and he growls against my neck. “I know. I got distracted.”

He pushes me off his lap, and I gasp as he yanks my jogging shorts down with one pull.

“Take these off,” he orders, nudging his chin to the shorts now pooling around my feet.

Like a little schoolgirl, I let out a giggle, doing as he says while he pushes his pants down, kicking them off with a few swift moves. He plants his ass back into the chair, taking off his shirt, and I mimic his move by taking off mine followed by my bra.

“Take off your panties.” He narrows his eyes like he’s ready to tear me apart, and I lick my lips eagerly. My hands slowly trace the hem of the lacy fabric before I push them down as slowly as possible, twisting my body a little so I can show him the swells of my behind. He bites his lip in desire while I stare at him through hooded eyes.

When my panties finally fall to the floor, he crooks his finger, telling me to get closer while I eagerly look at his hard cock, bopping against his stomach in excitement.

He pulls me closer, and I stand between his legs while I patiently wait for his next instruction.

“Do you want me, little devil?” I’m momentarily paralyzed by his intense gaze as he pushes his finger through my folds.

My mouth falls open, and I nod.

“Do you want this?” His now slick fingers dip inside of me, my eyes involuntarily shutting before he coats my center with my essence.

“Yes,” I huff out, holding still, enjoying how he plays with me.

“Or do you want me to fuck you into oblivion?” My eyes grow wide at his words, and I blink. A devilish smile greets me. “No, you don’t want it sweet, do you?”

Without waiting for my response, he directs me onto his lap to straddle him, placing his cock against my center. “Take it, baby.”

I suck in a deep breath then attach my lips to his lips as I rapidly lower my hips. “AAH!” I cry out, throwing my head back when he stretches me wide, the tip of his dick slamming into my cervix. My attention snaps back to his, my mouth forming a silent O while my eyes expand at the indescribable sensations he evokes in me. I grab his neck with both hands, holding on as I start to glide my hips over his cock, relishing in the friction of our rapid pace.

He takes my breast in his mouth, softly biting my nipple as I keep going, letting out a torturous moan every time he slides back inside me. It doesn’t take long before I feel how walls start to clench, the intensity even greater when my clit drags against his stomach every time I raise my hips.

“Ride me,” he whispers against my neck, making me pick up the pace. I close my eyes, moving my hips quicker and quicker, ignoring the pain that forms in my quads, riding his dick as if my life depends on it while my breasts are pressed against his chest.

I can feel my orgasm creeping to the surface, ready to swallow me whole, and I let out a frustrated groan, exhaustedly trying to keep going. Letting out a wail of desperation, Connor connects his thumb with my clit, and I immediately falter as my climax bursts through me like he detonated a bomb by flipping a switch.

“That’s it, baby,” he pants.

Riding my explosion, fatigue instantly hits me, and my motions slow as my frenzy ebbs, and the pain in my hips becomes more acute.

My forehead falls against Connor’s shoulder, panting as I try to recover from my orgasm. With his dick still inside of me, Connor gets up and sets me on the desk.

“Stay still,” he barks.

Holding me down with his hand on my stomach, I lay on the cold wood like, limp as a wet towel, completely happy to let him have his way with me. He frantically starts to thrust inside of me, slamming his cock into my cunt over and over again. Closing my eyes, I bite my lip, moaning uncontrollably from the typhoon of sensations he’s creating in me. When the feeling almost becomes too much, he speeds up his pace, as I hold on to the desk.

Pumping inside of me like a madman, his face goes rigid, sweat dripping off his forehead as he plows his way towards his release. A deep grunt comes from the back of his throat when he finally shoots his load inside of me before he drops his body against mine.

“Fucking hell,” he mutters.

I can feel his heart race against my chest, and my hand wraps around him, soothingly stroking his back. “Was that what you wanted to show me?” I joke.

He chuckles then straightens his back before pulling out of me. “Actually, there was something else I wanted to show you.”

“How good are you with your tongue?” I smile hopefully. I keep my bare ass on the desk, my legs spread, enjoying laying here for him to take me like the little exhibitionist that I am.

“You already know that.” I hear him open the drawer again, pulling out a black box with a pink bow around it, tossing it next to my head on the desk. My head twists to look at it.

“What is…? Holy hell!” I screech when I feel his tongue swirl through my folds. I bring my head up, staring into his mesmerizing green eyes. He continues, sucking my inner folds in his mouth, then he darts his tongue inside of me, coating it with his cum.

Fuck me, that’s so sexy.

His gaze holds mine as he shows me his sperm laying on his tongue, before he gets up with a sexy grin. “Open it,” he says, nodding towards the box.

“What? Are you kidding me?” I give him an incredulous look. “Keep going!”

“Open the box first.”

Annoyed, I growl then sit up, grabbing the box beside me.

“You’re an asshole,” I murmur.

Pulling off the ribbon, I place the box on my nude lap before I slowly pull the lid off, giving him another glare.

The box is filled with pink filling, and on top lays something wrapped in a silk sheet. Pushing the silk to the side, I look at what’s hidden underneath.

A worn out book appears, and my hand covers my mouth in shock when I read the title.

Peter Pan and Wendy. 

My eyes move up. “You didn’t. Is this…?”

He nods, and I carefully open the book, looking for the title page.

“You bought me a first edition?” I whisper, feeling tears pool in my eyes.

“Happy birthday, baby.”

“Oh, Connor!” I cry. “This is the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever received. Do you know how special this is?”

He smiles, his hand cupping my neck. “Honestly, I don’t. But it’s special to you, and that’s good enough for me.”

Feeling the book with my fingers, I push out a breath, memories flooding my mind.

“Damien would’ve loved this. He was smart. He and I shared our love for books.”

Connor’s hand moves up, stroking my cheek with his fingers. “I’m sorry, baby.”

“Don’t be. I love it.”

He presses his forehead against mine. “I love you.”

He pulls the box out of my hands, placing it next to me while holding my neck. “Now lay down again. I’m still hungry.”

I chuckle, shaking my head in amusement as I do as he says.

Maybe Reign is right.

Maybe I tamed the beast. 


Thank you again for reading Connor!

When I wrote this, I had now clue that it was going to be my bestselling book.

But let’s be honest, Reign is the one we’ve been waiting for, right?