She thought the beast wouldn’t find out. She was wrong.

I don’t regret sleeping with Connor Wolfe. At all. What I regret is trusting my birth control to keep my time with him restricted to that one scorching night.

He’s the Beast of the Boston Wolfes, the man everyone fears and the father of my child. I just haven’t told him yet. I know what kind of world these men live in. There is a reason the Wolfes control the city.

There is no way I’m exposing my unborn child to that kind of violence. I need to keep him safe. Protected from the threat that comes with being a Wolfe. So, I try my best to stay away from trouble.

What you don’t know can’t hurt you, right?

But this time trouble lands right on my doorstep. I should’ve known I’d see Connor again. That one night would link our paths together forever. Now he’s storming back into my life, looking for revenge.

And not for the reason I think he is.

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