I broke her heart into a thousand pieces. Now I have eight dates to glue it back together.

Charlotte Roux is gorgeous, funny, sweet and somehow I convinced her to be my best friend before I messed it all up and left her devastated on the sidewalk.

When I forced myself into her life in high school, I knew I wasn’t good enough for her. A troubled bad boy with a dodgy past could never give her the happy ending she deserves. But I never realized how empty life is without her until I wasn’t there for her at the darkest time in her life.

Now, she’s banned me out of her life for good, leaving me behind.

She tells me I’m too late. And maybe I am. But I didn’t work my way out of the gutter by giving up. I fight for what I want. What I need.

And Charlotte Roux is everything I need and more.

All I need is eight dates to convince her I will never let her go.

Eight dates to convince her I will fight every day for the rest of my life to be the man she deserves.

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