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As I walk out of the bathroom wearing nothing more than a towel, a knife whizzes straight past my head. The blade of the knife slams into the doorpost, making me stop in my tracks and glare at the owner of it.

“Will you stop that, you asshole?” After living with him for a while now, I’m kinda used to it, but it still annoys the shit out of me.

“Get dressed. We’re leaving,” he commands, like the asshole he is.

“Where are we going?” I ask as I walk into the closet.

“Just get dressed.”

“Can I get a hint so I know what to fucking wear?” I grumble as I drop my towel, letting it puddle at my feet as I grab some underwear out of the drawer.

He stays quiet, and when I turn back around, he has his head cocked, ogling me, leaning against the doorpost with his arms in front of his body.

Talk about fucking flashbacks.


“Never mind, we can go later,” he jokes, even though I know he’d be serious if I gave him the chance.

“Shut up. What should I wear?”

“Jeans and a t-shirt are fine.” He lets out a frustrated groan, probably fueled by his dick.

I ignore his lust-filled eyes while I put on some light blue jeans and a loose v-neck which I slightly tuck into the waistband of the denim. Grabbing some sneakers off the rack, I put them on and grab a scrunchie from the vanity as I walk towards my man, blocking the exit.

I raise up onto my toes to give him a kiss while my hands put my hair in a messy ponytail.

His hands move down to cup my ass before he lifts me up and wraps me around his body like I don’t weigh fucking shit.

He darts his tongue out before I pull his hair to break the connection, knowing exactly where this is going.

“No, now I want to know what you are fucking up to.”

“Exactly that. Fucking you,” he groans, leaning in to continue where he left off.

“Kane!” I pull back my face to give him a reprimanding look.

“Fine.” He drops my ass as he grabs my hand, tugging me behind him like a ragdoll.

He guides me outside to the deck of the yacht then onto the gangway. With the morning sun of Monaco hitting me in the face, I blink to give my eyes time to adjust to the bright light while I try to keep up with him.

On the dock, a car is waiting for us with Jeremy holding my door open as if we are some kind of royalty.

What the fuck?

“Morning, Callie,” he smirks, standing there like a fucking butler while Kane gets in the passenger seat.

“What the fuck is going on, Jer?” I hiss at him.

“You’ll see,” he winks before softly pushing me in the car and shutting the door behind me.

“Are you abducting me, Kane? Again?”

“Sort of,” he shrugs, a bright smile on his face. “You’ll see, baby.”

I roll my eyes at his words before Jeremy jumps in and starts the car, driving us into the city of Monaco. I glance out of the window, enjoying the beautiful scenery. Every street is idyllic in its own way, and if I’m not looking at the old buildings, I’m staring at the shitload of supercars that seem to be all over this city.

After a few minutes, we drive onto a cobblestone courtyard. Jeremy stops in front of the arched entrance of a an eggshell yellow building with windows frames painted white. Two Buxus trees stand sentry at the entrance, welcoming those who walk through the door along with an actual person who, apparently, is waiting for us.

Jeremy gets out to round the car then opens my door while Kane lets himself out.

Meanwhile, I am still wondering what the fuck we are doing here.

I look up at look at the big letters above the arch, trying to figure out what they spell. They are gold and carved into the stone, telling me it’s an important building.

La Mairie.

“You ready?” Kane takes my hand, giving me a questioning look.

“For what?” I shrug, feeling confused as fuck.

He looks at the letters before looking back at me.

“I don’t speak French, Kane.” I try to control my voice, but the annoyance is getting to me.

“We’re getting married,” he chuckles before he yanks me with him.

“We’re what?” I screech, thinking I must be losing my mind. “Kane?!”

He doesn’t say a word while we follow the guy waiting for us down a hallway then through one of the many doors in the building.

“Goddammit, Kane,” I grind out while I jerk my hand loose from his as soon as we walk over the threshold. “What the fu…” My words stop when I look up at the ceiling of the room.

It’s plastered with different sized pentagons, each with a wooden edge and gold Baroque art in the middle. My eyes pan down, taking in the wood paneling on the walls until my eyes notice the large table standing at the far end of the room, a red cloth covering it. It’s decorated with lit candles and a bottle of whiskey is standing in the middle. The guy sitting behind it gets up, giving me a friendly smile.

“Holy shit, you’re serious?” I snap my head towards the asshole I fell in love with, making him respond with a wide grin before he takes my hand again and drags me behind him.

“When am I ever not serious?” he says before we stop in front of the table, and he turns to face him.

He grabs my face with both hands, and even though I should hate him for this, I love him even more.

“A normal guy would ask a girl to marry him. Give her a nice dress, some flowers, make some sort of effort.” I mock while his face hovers above mine.

“You wouldn’t love me if I was a normal guy,” he counters.

“True,” I shrug.

“Now, can we do this so I can put a ring on your finger and change your last name, or do you still have some arguments you want to spit out, trying to tell me why this is a bad idea? I’m going to warn you, though. Whatever you say won’t change a thing. We are doing this.”

I look into his demanding as fuck, arctic eyes.

He is a controlling, possessive, motherfucking asshole, but he’s also right.

I’m not the type of girl who wants a cinderella dress and a lavish wedding.

I just want him.

“I’m only doing this because I need a new last name,” I smirk before he closes the small gap between us, pressing his lips against mine, arching my back in the process.

“Whatever you say, baby girl.”


I hope you enjoyed this bonus scene featuring Kane & Callie! If you can’t get enough and you want to know what happens next? Find out in the second duet and the third book in the Fire Series, featuring Liam & Imogen.