I need to stay professional. Be the good guy. But my 19-year-old assistant has other ideas.

Kayla Lockheart is fun, quirky, hot as sin, and definitely off-limits. Finding out she was fresh out of high school, I knew the one scorching night we had in the summer would be the only one.

But for some reason, the sassy brunette managed to worm herself into my company as my newest employee and is now crashing in my guest room until further notice. I thought resisting her before was hard, but now that she’s strutting through my living room with her big blue eyes and skimpy shorts…it’s downright torture.

She might be young, but she’s fearless with what she wants and apparently a job as my assistant isn’t all she wants. She wants it all. Including me.

And before I can even think about firing her for inappropriate behavior, she shows me exactly why I can’t resist her. Everything with Kayla is easy, fun.

But that’s all this is. Fun. Nothing more.

I won’t allow it. I’m her boss after all.

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