I can’t date Bodi McKay because of five simple reasons:
One, he doesn’t like take-out. Talk about a major red flag.
Two, he hates the carnival. What kind of human doesn’t like cotton candy and rides?
Three, he doesn’t date. Easily fixed.
Four, he’s ten years older than I am. Age ain’t nothing but a number, right?
Five, he’s my boss. Okay, so that’s a hurdle, but nothing I can’t handle.

When I got kicked out of Stanford; Bodi McKay took me in and agreed to give me a job. But Bodi and I have a history. A blistering, unforgettable history that contains a hot summer weekend.
He says we can’t go there anymore. But I disagree. I think I can change his mind, and before my new boss can fire me for inappropriate behavior, I’ll show him exactly why he can’t resist me.

I can’t date Kayla Lockheart because of five simple reasons:
One, she only eats trash. How she manages to look like the sassy little thing that she is blows my mind.
Two, she only watches reality tv. What kind of normal girl watches that crap?
Three, I don’t date. Never have and never will, although Kayla doesn’t seem to get the message.
Four, she’s ten years younger than I am. We can’t possibly want the same things in life.
Five, I’m her boss. Something I have to remind her of every day.

Part of me wants to tell her this won’t work but I can’t seem to keep my distance from her. It doesn’t help that she’s also claimed my guest room as her own and is now in my personal space 24/7.
But I’m sure I can keep my hands to myself. I’m capable of resisting her, right?