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I didn’t expect to be able to sleep after witnessing someone dying in front of my eyes. I expected the horrific sight to  dance in front of my eyes the entire night and I anticipated walking around like a zombie today, but when I stretch my arms above my head, the silk sheets dropping down over my breasts, I realize I can’t be further from the truth.

I slept through the night with Franklin’s arms circling me like I’m his lifeline, feeling more safe than I’ve felt in years. The heat of his body had me drifting off in a dreamless sleep and the feeling of rest that has settled in my body is confusing, but I welcome it.

I take in the red bricks of the houses across the street, the sun rising slowly above the historic buildings.

“Good morning, pretty girl.”

I turn my head, finding Franklin’s smirk peering down at me from behind his cup of coffee. His chiseled chest is bare, his lower body covered with the duvet. The veins of his muscles stand out like they are sculpted as he runs a hand through his messy hair with a content glint in his deep green eyes. He looks like a fucking god.

My god.

His late night confession rushes back into my mind like a crushing wave, and if I wasn’t already in bed, it would knock me down.

“Good morning.” I flip my entire body to face him, resting my head on my palm.

“How did you sleep?” He sets his cup next to him on the bedstand, then mimics my stance as he slides his body down until his head is resting on his pillow. A hand darts out, brushing his calloused fingertips over the skin on my stomach. The man can detonate my body like a bomb, and already I feel how my body is flushed with a heat I can’t control.

“Surprisingly well.” I smile. “What time is it?”

“Almost eight.”

That means we didn’t sleep for more than six hours, yet it feels like I’ve slept for days.

“I have to go visit Nigel’s mom soon.” His smile dissolves at the mention of the guy that got shot last night.

“I understand.” Settling deeper into the mattress, I let my hand rest on his cheek. “How is Connor doing?”

He shakes his head. “Not good. Nigel meant a lot to him. This will cut him deeply. But I know my brother. He won’t admit it. Instead, he’s going on a rampage. Which is another reason why I need to get going or he’ll start a city war.”

His fingers dig into my skin as he fuses his lips with mine in a longing kiss. It feels different knowing that he’s in love with me. Like every kiss gives me more confidence, healing me bit by bit with every touch. He’s giving me the safety I always lacked, and he makes me want to be better. To grow. To be stronger. 

“Will Connor listen to you?” I ask when he gets out of bed and walks into his walk-in closet, out of sight.

“Connor doesn’t listen to anyone.” He chuckles through the wall. “But I might be able to reason with him to not kill anyone just yet.”

“Connor would do that?”

“Connor needs that,” he replies, then steps out of the closet butt fucking naked. “Which reminds me…” I snap my gaze up and down his dick, hanging proudly between his legs and his eyes. “You’re moving in with me.”

I blink, distracted enough to not really hear what he’s saying.

“Baby.” A horny smirk creeps up his cheeks when I lick my lips. “Are you listening?”

“I’m sorry, Franky, but you’re being really distracting right now.”

He snaps his fingers at me with a chuckle. “Focus, baby.”

“Right.” I demonstratively lift my eyes to his, doing my best to not let them drop down again. “What were you saying?”

“You’re moving in with me.” His gaze is stern and my eyes widen.

“What?” My instant reaction is to get defensive, but the rising of his hardening shaft shuts me up and he points his finger at me with a stoic look.

“Don’t even try to argue with me.”

“Franklin,” I croak out.

He steps towards the bed, and I crawl to the edge, sitting on my knees. The soft fabric of the sheet is tucked beneath my arms and it falls down my waist as Franklin slides his hands into my hair, then he cocks my head back, bringing his lips hovering over mine.

“Emerson is your abusive ex. He was already a threat to you, but now that he knows you’re mine—that I care for you—you’ll be even more of a tool for him if he wants to. I need to know you’re safe. I value your need to be independent and you can redecorate this fucking house, decide what we eat for dinner, you can even take control of the office. But this isn’t up for debate. This is decided. You’re moving in with me.” He seals his words by crushing his lips against mine, taking my breath away as soon as he breaks loose and rains kisses along my jawline.

My heart beats a steady and excited drum, a wide smile slipping free. “Are you serious?”

I can feel my uncertainty float between us, a strong mix of disbelief and yearning. But when his arrogant laugh tickles against the skin below my neck, it’s vanished before he says, “I’m always serious, Ms. Ryan.”

“Okay.” I nod, and I cup his cheek to turn his head and lock our gazes. “I’ll move in with you.”

The green in his eyes turns dark, a panty melting grin expanding to his ears. “I wasn’t asking, but I’m glad you agree.”

“Shut up, asshole.” I playfully shove him back, but he quickly snatches my wrist, pulling us both from the bed. He takes me into a tight grip as my feet land on the soft carpet and I merge my naked body against his, breathing him in.

“I have no issue being the asshole if it keeps you safe.”

“You have no issue being the asshole, period. Plus, I didn’t really stand a chance since you always get what you want.” My sass is a clear redirection to our first conversation and he can’t hide the sparkle it ignites as he narrows his eyes.

“True.” He nibbles my lip with affection, putting more oil on the fire that’s already happening between my legs while my palms flatten on his back. “And do you know what I want right now?”

I moan in question, my lips pursed with anticipation. His stubbled chin moves past my cheek until I feel his breath warming the shell of my ear, and my eyes roll to the back of my head.

“To suck the honey from your pussy.”

My eyes fly open with a gasp, a feverish feeling showering down my body as my lips part. He puts action to his words and falls to his knees. A finger slides through my folds, almost dropping my jaw to the floor. Green eyes look up at me through his lashes while he wets his lips, then his palm gently moves up to my stomach, and he pushes my ass back on the bed.

With a hungry gaze that’s both intimidating and sexy as hell, he takes both my legs and sets them on his shoulders.

“You.” He kisses my inner thigh, moving a little more towards my center with each kiss. “Are.” Kiss. “Moving.” Kiss. “In.” Kiss. “With.” Kiss. “Me.” My back arches when he reaches my center, a yelp leaving my throat. “And you know what the best thing about that is?”

I manage to catch his gaze with a heaving chest. “You’re going to be my breakfast every single fucking day, pretty girl.” His soft tongue laps through my swollen folds, his words vibrating against my sex. “Because I always get what I want.”

My hooded eyes are as paralyzed as my mouth, and I don’t even have the brain capacity to come up with a smart remark as he starts to feast on my wet pussy. And as he eats up my juices like he’s starving, I smile into the electrified air and decide I don’t even care. If Franklin Wolfe wants me to be his breakfast every day? Well, let’s just say I’m too smart to disagree with him.


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