The leader of the boston wolfes needs a new accountant and she’s the one he wants.

I will never work for Franklin Wolfe. Period.

But just like any other person in the city of Boston, I don’t stand a chance against the leader of the Boston Wolfes. He’s canny. Confident. A natural-born leader who controls the city, with endless green eyes that compel anyone to agree with his wishes in a heartbeat.

Including me.

Now, I’m his new accountant and he’s making it clear that’s not all he wants. Now, I catch a weird feeling in my stomach when he walks into the office every morning, making me realize I don’t just want to know everything there is about Franklin Wolfe.

No, I’m falling for him.

But he’s not the only one who has connections with the dark side of the city. I’ve got secrets. I have a past that haunts me with every step I take. I can’t give in to whatever Franklin wants from me. Or what my heart wants. Not when there is so much more at risk.

All I can do is hope he doesn’t find out.

Oh, and that I don’t end up like the accountant before me.

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