I’ve always been a sucker for fast (and pretty) cars.

I've always been a sucker for fast (and pretty) cars.

Let me make one thing clear, I know shit about engines.

I know how to pop the hood of my car and change the oil without waving at my husband for help. And to be honest when I see men looking at me with amazement while my head is down the hood, that actually already makes me pretty proud. But I do know pretty cars and mostly fast cars. No surprise I would one day get sucked into the world of Formula One Racing.

I wasn’t always hooked on Formula One

And it also wasn’t the moment that Max Verstappen, current Dutch World Champion, got a place on the grid that I suddenly felt the need to turn my Sunday’s into Race Days. No, it was one of my former co-workers who’d been trying to convince me for years before. “I bet you’ll love it, Billie.” But funny enough, it took a couple more months and a Netflix show to fully pull me to the other side.

And then the author in me kicked in…

Fully emerged into Formula One, I quickly learned all the ins and outs and being a storyteller, along with it came about a dozen potential books. But that’s when I learned there aren’t many F1 romance books out there. In fact, the pile of F1 romance books, but also racing books in general, is scarce. There’s sports romance in almost every field there is; hockey, football, fighting, but very little auto sports.

But why?

How can such a fast, thrilling world not be part of fiction romance? Probably because it’s not as well known as sports like American Football and NHL Hockey, and the first thing most people think of when you talk about racing is Nascar. But looking back now, it’s something I’ve always wanted to write. I still have a couple drafts in my ‘on hold’ file that clearly we’re a preview of the future because clearly auto sports was something I was already writing about long before I got into F1.

Guess it’s time to change that.

Being a fan of the sport, it definitely makes it easier to come up with my fair share of plots for a series of F1 romance books, but also introduce those to the sports who are not familiar with the most prestigious automotive racing series in the world. Writing F1 romance books gives me the opportunity to blend my love for angsty love stories in the elite and thrilling world of Formula One. I mean, I’m talking, billionaire vibes, competition, men who know what they want and how to get it and all of it surrounded in a world that is as corrupt as it’s exhilarating.

The plan is to have four F1 romance books written and published by the end of 2024, but if you can’t wait, read my first the first book of my Formula One series here.

P.S. These are the F1 romance books that I did find and will think you’ll enjoy as well:

The Dirty Air Series by Lauren Asher and The Fast Series by Kat Ransom

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