She’s ten years too young for him, but there’s no age limit for revenge.

The girl I was before that night wouldn’t dare to get involved with a ruthless criminal. But the girl I am today doesn’t have a choice.

Killian Wolfe is everything I should avoid. Ten years older, handsome as sin and the one people tell stories about to make you stay away. He’s the big bad wolf with a thing for torturing his victims, but he’s also the only one who can get me the revenge that I need.

He’s not happy with me when I demand his attention, but for some reason I gained his trust. He agreed to help me. To train me. To give me the one thing I’ve been dreaming about for months.


But I have to be careful. My family had secrets that paved my future for the worst. Secrets I’m still paying the price for. Killian Wolfe might be willing to help me now, but as soon as he finds out, the same fate as my family will be waiting for me.

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