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I notice Jane glance in her rearview mirror as she pushes out an annoyed breath.

Does he really have to follow me around everywhere?”

Her stance is tense, her hands holding the wheel in a tight grip. I twist my head to look over my shoulder, looking right at Brock following us in an SUV.

Why do you hate him so much?” I question, straightening my body.

I don’t.” She huffs way too quickly to make it believable. “The guy just gets on my nerves.”

Well, if that’s all.” I shrug.

If that’s all? Isn’t that enough?”

He keeps you safe, Jane. With Sasha still running around in the wild, I sleep better knowing Brock keeps you safe. He would kill for you, you know.”

Because you pay him too. You say it like he’s prince charming.” I don’t have to look at her to know she’s rolling her eyes at me. “

I don’t know. I feel like you hate him more than he hates you.”

Whatever.” She drives the car onto the street that leads to the warehouse Knox keeps his Corvette in, and a frown forms.

Where are we going?”

Knox asked me to pick something up.”

He asked you?” My tone doesn’t hide my suspicion, wondering why my husband would ask my sister to fetch him something when he has a whole army to do so.

Yeah.” She parks the car in front of the garage door, avoiding my gaze.

What’s going on, Jane?” I fold my arms in front of my body, narrowing my eyes at her.

Nothing!” The high-pitched tone of her voice betrays her unease as I watch her squirm in her seat.

Don’t even try. I’m the only one granted with the great talent of deceit and manipulation. You couldn’t even fool a blind man to convince his car is green instead of red. You’re a shitty liar, sis. What’s going on?”

She sighs, giving me a glare, then opens the door to exit the car. “Just get out.”

Just tell me!” I yelp, following her as I get out.

God, for once, can you not be such a pain in the ass?”

I laugh, shooting her an amused look until she keeps staring at me with a straight face.

Oh, you’re serious.” She moves to the garage door, and I follow behind her.

I don’t even know why I still try with you, you nosy little bitch.”

Hey,” I scoff, “that’s his name for me. You can stick with my sweet, loving, funny, amazing little sister.” I smile sweetly.

More like my little brat of a sister.”

Yeah, I’m not really digging that one.”

She grunts, her hand reaching down to pull the garage door open. “Shut the fuck up, Sam.”

My mouth opens to throw out another snarky comment when the door flies up, and I hold still, slightly confused. With an open mouth, I scan the warehouse that has a lot more people in it than I anticipated. Knox is standing in front of his blue Corvette, his hands in front of him, wearing a dark blue button-down with his sleeves rolled up. His brown hair is styled, his beard trimmed to perfection. In front of him lays a black carpet and next to him stands Harley, wearing a dark blue silk dress that hugs her hips in the most luscious way, bringing out her blue eyes beaming at me with a smirk across her face. She holds a small bouquet of light blue peonies that remind me of a clear blue sky.

What is this?” I ask, as my eyes go over the rest of the people.

Reid and Devon stand on the side, dressed up with the same dark blue elements, while Brock moves to stand next to Knox.

Your wedding.” I can hear the smile in Jane’s voice, and I twist my head, meeting her light blue eyes glowing at me. My gaze rakes over her body, suddenly realizing why she’s wearing a dark blue tank top.

My wedding?” I parrot, a little dazed, turning my head to Knox.

A grin splits his face, just staring at me like I’m the most amazing thing he’s ever seen.

You’re throwing me a wedding?” My eyes well up, and I cover my mouth with my hand, trying to hold my emotions in check. “You want me to get married in this?” I point at my ripped jeans and leather jacket, deflecting the feelings storming through my body. I’m not the emo type, and I don’t cry. Not even at my own wedding.

No, no.” I watch as Harley hands the bouquet to Devon next to her, then grabs something out of the back of the car.

You don’t have to wear this if you don’t want to.” She holds up a white silk wedding dress with a high slit on the side, then moves her other hand up. “But you have to wear this.”

I frown, confused when she holds up a black leather jacket just like mine, until she turns it around, and I read the letters: Mrs. Ashford.

Will you marry me, baby?” Knox breaks his silence.

I fold my hands in front of my face with a big smile, amazed he did this for me, then start to saunter toward him. “I’m guessing it’s too late to ask for that divorce now?”

You’re not ever getting a divorce, little bitch.” He leans in, nibbling my lip with his rough hands wrapped around the small of my back.

Hands off, Ashford. You’re skipping a part.” Jane pulls me away from him, dragging me behind the car, holding the dress in front of me.

Can’t believe you’re putting on a dress,” she taunts.

It will probably be the last time anyway.” Eagerly, I take off my jacket, then strip off my clothes while Harley holds a blanket around me to cover my ass.

Fuck no, you’re wearing a dress when I get married,” Jane counters with a slight scowl.

Yeah, you’re not getting into my wedding without a dress,” Harley chimes in.

I roll my eyes at both of them, pulling the dress over my head. The soft silk fabric brushes my skin, and the slit shows off my toned legs. It fits perfectly.

Who bought this for me?”

He did.” Harley nudges her chin at Knox.

No way.”

Yeah, he did. He chose the design and even picked the size. I think he would be able to identify your body by one single birthmark. He’s obsessed.” She gives me a serious look as I feel my chest expand. It’s true. He’s obsessed, and I’m not complaining.

You think I can still back out of this?” I joke, faking a shock as I grip my heart.

Not a fucking chance, Sam.” Knox’s voice booms through the entire warehouse, making me startle on the spot before I break out in laughter.

Get over here,” he adds, demanding.

Feeling giddy as fuck, I put my new jacket on, then Jane leads me to the beginning of the black carpet, pushing the same bouquet of blue peonies into my hands as Harley was holding. At first, I’m expecting her to walk me down the aisle, but instead, she takes her spot next to Knox, acting as my maid of honor, and I cock my head at her.

You want me to walk you down the aisle?” she asks, surprised.

I think about it, my eyes catching Knox’s.

Nah, I don’t need anyone walking me down the aisle,” I tell her, like the cocky bitch that I am. Knox shakes his head, amused as the music starts to play, and I put my legs in motion toward the love of my life. Holding his gaze, I feel every inch of my body heating up, longing for him to touch me. When I’m almost there, he reaches out, and I take his hand as he tugs me against his chest.

Who’s going to marry us?” I tilt my head, my arms wrapped around his neck.

We already are married, baby. Don’t need anyone to do it for us.” He brushes his lips against mine, cupping my face. “I, Knox Ashford, take you, Sam Burton-Ashford”—I laugh—“to be my lawful wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, and even when you are being a royal pain in my ass, until death do us part. I will love and honor you all the days of my life.”

His green eyes peer at me with a hunger I’m addicted to, and before I know it, he crashes his mouth against mine.

Don’t I need to say my vows?” I break his kiss, pulling back.

I don’t care about your vows. You can’t say anything I don’t already know. You’re mine. You have been mine since you were seventeen. And even if you defy me on every single thing from this day forward, annoy me twenty-three hours a day, it’s you and me until the end, baby.”

I smile at his bluntness, seeing the sincerity in his eyes.

You and me, baby,” I confirm.

His eyes narrow. “If you want me to throw you an actual wedding with a big party, I will.”

I’ve never been the girly girl wanting shit like that, and even though I joked about it, I didn’t even know I wanted this. But it’s perfect. It’s the declaration of love I didn’t even know I needed.

I shake my head. “Nah, I don’t.”

Good, then let’s get the fuck out of here and celebrate with a bottle of Royal Blue on the top of my hood.” He dips his chin, brushing his nose against mine.

Sounds perfect.” I smile before pressing my lips against his.


I hope you enjoyed Lush Rebel as much as I did writing it. Fun fact, Sam & Jane are based on my and my sister. You can imagine the kind of trouble we had following us around, LOL. If you loved this world, I’m sure you’re ready for some more alpha males, secrets & lies, dirty talk and banter. You get it all in the first book of the Boston Wolfes!