My Two Cents on the Best New Adult Romance Books

My Two Cents on the Best New Adult Romance Books

So, I could probably list a ton if you give me enough time. But let’s be honest? Time is money and we ain’t Jeff Bezos, so instead I’m going to give you the three best new adult romance books that I’ve read multiple times without getting bored. 

Abbi Glines – Rosemary Beach

I mean it has it all? Angst, steam, found family. I love seeing the underdog thrive and that’s exactly what Blair did. Badass Southern Belle that she is, she held up her chin and had one mission; surviving. Rush is the rich boy that has a bigger heart than he cares to admit. The two of them together? Fireworks. Verbally and physically. Abbi Glines did the perfect job, creating a series that has you begging for more while writing side characters that just makes it impossible to stop after Blair and Rush’s story is done. You’ll have to read them all. (P.S. don’t get thrown off by the covers.)

Elle Kennedy – The Off Campus Series

If you’ve read The Deal, then you just know. If you haven’t….what are you doing with your life? Born in Europe, we don’t have the college system like in the States. I wish we did. In fact, I looked for colleges on the East Coast when I was younger because going to college in the states sounded like a dream and Elle Kennedy makes me want to be 18 again, back my bags and go to college. The banter, the situations, the whole college experience. I might have not been to college, but reading this series just makes me feel like I did. Just a little. This book/series is a bestseller for good reason.

Avery Keelan – Offside (Rules of the Game #1)

Chase Carter is everything. I don’t even know what to say about his man, other than he’s freaking perfection. Knight in shining asshole armor? Yes. Hot as sin? Also yes. Protective? Just the right amount. Possessive? Yes, please. I fell in love with this couple within the first pages, add the fact that Chase is literally the perfect boyfriend and I’ve read this book four times. Mind you, it was released last December (2022). Oh, and did I mention it’s a hockey romance? Do I need to say more?

B. Lustig – 9 (Numbers #2)

It kinda feels weird to include my own books but it also feels weird not to include my own books. If you’ve read my books from the beginning, you know I’ve started out writing Mafia Romance. It was a way to let out the dark pieces of my soul, and it’s what I needed to give myself the confidence that I could make this my career.  But it has never been what I wanted to write. I want to write about the messy parts of love. The parts that make your heart ache and your eyes tear up. Those are the books I want to write and it’s no surprise that I love this series like it’s my baby. They are filled with the New Adult mess we expect; stupid choices, misbelieves, insecurity. But more than that they are filled with that undeniable love that makes it unable to stop reading. Let me sum up 9: He’s the arrogant hockey player that hijacks her road trip. She’s the girl who hates him with a passion.  Have fun.  B. Lustig Bookpage
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