My very own Amazon Kindle first reads

My very own Amazon Kindle first reads

I have a confession to make. I only bought my first kindle a year ago. I have another confession to make….I didn’t even know what a kindle was until three years ago. But as soon as I did, you know I stacked up that pretty baby like it was nobody’s business. So, let’s have a look and see what my amazon kindle first reads were: 

1. These Monstrous Ties by KV Rose

KV knows how to write dark and make it make sense. I was familiar with dark romance. Read my fair share of the mafia and dealt with difficult topics in romance books like trafficking, drugs, guns etc. But KV gives you that twisted vibe. She’s perfection when it comes to flawed characters that touch the psychotic, but you’ll still love them. She pulls you into the page and makes you understand why people become who they become, good or bad and why anyone can be the villain in another man’s story.

2. Lost Boy by M. Robinson

This was my first M. Robinson’s book and I loved how she balanced the boundaries of normal. I’m also a sucker for second chances and this was a childhood love story that played out until they were all grown up. There’s just something about a lost boy on the wrong side of the track, falling in love with a girl that shouldn’t even be in his grasp. Cue the angst and enjoy Lost Boy with all the feels.

3. Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas

I’m not a fan of an age gap. There I said it. Maybe it’s because I have an older brother and we had this unspoken rule that I wasn’t allowed to date anyone older than him. Or maybe it was because I was genuinely confused when a 28 year old man tried to hit on me when I was 18. I wasn’t turned on, I was grossed out. But P. makes it work. She does. It makes sense. There is nothing gross about Pike Lawson and boy, does he turn you on. I guess, Penelope Douglas did change my opinion on age gap’s a little bit. I now believe that it all depends on the people involved and what they have been through. Some situations still get me grossed out, but Pike and Jordan? Yeah, they’re meant to be.

4. Inked in Lies by Giana Darling

Hot, broody, motorcycle riding, tattoo guy? Yeah, okay you got my attention.  Funny enough, another age gap. But just like Birthday Girl, this one worked. You could feel the chemistry between the two from page one, age gap or not. Giana did a great job captivating their sense of soulmateness. I’m pretty sure that’s not a word, but I don’t care, I’m inventing it right now. I think we all need a little bit of Nova Booth in our lives.
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