An arrogant jock, a sharp-mouthed blonde and nine days on the road.

I’m not sure if having Rae Stafford around me for the rest of the week is going to help me find peace—or if she will unleash the fury that might be waiting for me at the end of the road, considering she’s hated my guts for years. But hijacking her road trip sounds like the perfect break I’m looking for.

For the past four years, poking the pretty blonde has been my favorite thing to do. She’s determined and tough with a sassy mouth that curses like a sailor.

Especially when I’m the one getting a piece of her mind.

We’d be a good match, except for one problem; we don’t get along

Nine days stuck in a car with the girl who would love my head on a silver platter sounds like the recipe for chaos. But when life catches up with me, forcing me to bolt out of town as fast as I can, jumping in her car is the best idea I ever had.

All I need is nine days to let this whole thing blow over. Nine days to convince her not to bite my head off.

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