He falls for me first, but I will never fall again.

I fully gave my heart once and a year ago, it was shattered into a million pieces against a tree. Literally.

Tristan Reinhart might be the superhero of Formula One, but even he can’t fix that. I didn’t expect to run into the World Champion on my way to work. I also didn’t expect him to make me laugh the way he does after I was convinced I’d never laugh again.

But he does.

Earth shattering and stomach turning, he makes it impossible to not break down my walls, piece by piece.

He has me wanting things I swore I’d never have again. Things that remind me of the love I once had. He makes me feel.

I thought it would be one night. But he makes it perfectly clear he wants more than that. And even though I try to keep one foot out the door, I catch my heart wanting to stay.

But I know there will be no happy ending for me. I had my shot and it ended in pain. My crushed heart reminds me of why I can never be that girl.

His girl.

No matter how good it feels.

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