Senior Year. 

Just one more year and I’ll be outta this town. 

Away from it all, and able to breathe again. 

But then, I see her. 


The girl I’ve looked at since school began. 

She doesn’t know me, but I want her to. 

After all, we can become best friends, right?



Senior Year. 

The year most kids dream of ever since they started school.

But I’m just trying to graduate while taking care of my mama.

But then, he sees me.


The dark prince, the rebel, the fighter.

I see something in his eyes that draws me in.

He wants to be friends. I can do that. 

There is no harm in becoming friends, right?


But it doesn’t take long for friends to turn into something more. 

And we both know once we take that path, there’s no turning back. 

Even if life wants to keep us apart.