Callie Reyes:

What would you do if you escaped the person holding you captive but still wanted to be with him, anyway? 

Yeah, Stockholm syndrome to the max. 

Kane Carillo got under my skin when I shouldn’t even have given him the chance. 

And somehow, he burrowed himself into my heart, too.

But I have to ignore how I feel. 

I need to make sure I stay out of his grasp. Stay far away from the Carillo brothers. 

So, I do what I have to do.

I run. 

Although, part of me is dying to get caught. 


Kane Carillo:

What would you do if your girl betrayed you, and you couldn’t even punish her for it?

Callie Reyes may have outsmarted me, but she can’t stay hidden for long. 

Not when I have eyes and ears on the lookout. 

Nobody messes with my brother and me, even if they have mesmerizing eyes and strawberry blonde hair. 

I will find her. Capture her. 

Make her mine again. 

Do it right this time around. 

After all, I’m Kane Carillo. And I always get what I want. 


**This is the final installment in the Fire Duet, and comes with a trigger warning**