Callie Reyes:

What would you do if you woke up on a superyacht, but you had no memory of how you got there?

Yeah, well, welcome to my life. 

The Carillo brothers think they can keep me. Use me as collateral against my father in their war. 

But I’m stronger than that.
And the Carillo brothers need to be careful. I’m not some wallflower, that’s for sure.
I bite.


Although, there’s something about Kane that I can’t seem to stay away from… 

Kane Carillo:

What would you do if you seduced the wrong girl, but loved it enough that you wanted to do it again? 

Callie Reyes is the daughter of our biggest enemy, and my brother and I plan to use her to our advantage.

But I need to remind myself that her pretty green eyes are luring me in with their deceit.
That she’s bad for me. 

She needs to be reminded that I’m the bad guy. The one they warn you about. 

I bite. 

Although, I can’t seem to stop myself from finding ways to be alone with her… 


**This is book #1 in the Fire Duet, comes with a trigger warning and ends with a cliffhanger.**