Everything in life has come easy to me. Being a Wolfe gives me what I want. 

Always has, and always will.

Most of the time, my job is hurting those who have wronged us.

Making sure everybody knows that the Wolfes mean business. 

They call me the beast.

The destroyer.

But really, I’m the only Wolfe you should worry about meeting down a dark alley. 

Then one day, an enemy killed somebody close to me. 

And I must have my revenge. 

And my revenge comes in the form of a blonde named Lily Johnson. 

Turns out, Lily has a kid. 

It’s not just about me anymore. 

And this time, I may not get everything I want. 


** Connor is book #2 in the Boston Wolfes series, containing four interconnected standalones about the Wolfe Brothers **