Being the youngest Wolfe isn’t as fun as people think. The expectation on my shoulders is a constant weight. A burden.

I have a different past from my brothers. One many don’t know anything about. 

People don’t know the struggle.

The memories.

The hurt.

But I push it all away.

I simply try to forget it ever happened. 

So far, I’ve done a great job of ignoring my past.

Sienna (last name) is part of my past. And once she comes barreling back, still as mad as the day I left, she’s making me remember it all. 

But once I’m ready to face the pain, somebody starts to mess with us. 

Somebody unknown. 

Sienna is a huge part of my past, but now, I need to protect her to guarantee that she’s even a part of my future. 


** Reign is book #3 in the Boston Wolfes series, containing four interconnected standalones about the Wolfe Brothers **