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I follow the rules. He breaks them.

The rule is simple: do not date the racing playboy you represent. Easy-peasy.

I knew Sam Devereaux was going to be a handful when I took on the job as his PR representative but nothing could’ve prepared me for the things Formula One’s bad boy likes to whisper in my ear.

Dirty things. Things I wouldn’t dare to dream about.

Except, now all of a sudden I am.

He makes it impossible to resist his pull even though I’m trying my freaking hardest.

But I can’t lose this job. It’s my one shot to prove to my family that I don’t need to be coddled. That I’m independent.

I will do my job and keep my distance. I will keep it professional. Even if he keeps finding ways to catch me alone.

I will not break the rules. No matter how good he makes me feel.