The flaws of New Adult Romance Books and I’m all for it

The flaws of New Adult Romance Books and I'm all for it

Before I started writing professionally I was just a reader. A simple reader, might I add. New Adult Romance Books? I’m sorry, what are those? Mafia Romance? Never heard of it, but okay. Tropes? Can you eat those? 

I was a voracious, happy and oblivious reader.

I knew the difference between romance and thrillers or detectives, but I had NO clue there were so many niches when it came to reading and writing romance. You can imagine that by the time I wrote my first book, I was overwhelmed. I even felt a little dumb, because I didn’t even know what people meant when they were talking about ‘tropes’. 

But when I look back. 

I now understand it was New Adult Romance books that made me hooked on the romance genre in general. Sure, since I was sixteen I rotated my weekly thrillers with my mother’s Harlequin books, but at some point I was bored reading about another grumpy cowboy. Even though they are hot AF. I think I was 18 when I found my first Abbi Glines book in a drugstore, hidden in a corner shelf in the ‘books for a €1’ pile. A bargain would be an understatement. I’ve picked up the first book in the Fallen series and I was hooked. 

And then I entered my romance era. 

Or should I say new adult romance era. I read the entire series within a month. Then I continued with the Field Party Series. I loved every single one of them. Not because I liked all the characters, because I really didn’t but just because they felt so real. I was right out of high school and I was full into my rebel years and it all felt like those characters became my friends. 

Billie Lustig - Review

Before you leave a bad review, think about what you were like at 18. 

I think that’s what I still love about well written new adults. There’s nothing more flawed than a young character making dumb choices based on the wrong motivation. But if it’s done right? It takes you right back to your childhood, your early teens, senior year or college. It gives us that little glimpse of what once was, what we enjoyed and how we would’ve done things differently. It’s why I hate it when I see a bad review saying; the character was stupid, or when they write ‘the character’s we’re young and naive’.  Yeah, well, newsflash Karen? At some point, we were all stupid, young and naive.  I guess my point? I love New Adult Romance. Yes, the characters have so many flaws and communication is not their strongest point most of the time. But isn’t that the whole thing of being young? There’s still so much to learn, so much to discover. I sure as hell didn’t have my life figured out when I was 20. In fact, by the time I was 25 I was barely hanging on.  So let’s just keep reading and enjoying New Adult Romance the way it’s supposed to be; with all their flaws.   
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